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About Oregon's Economic Development Districts


The Mission of the Oregon Economic Development Districts is to "provide a cohesive network for effective, efficient delivery of economic development services benefiting healthy and sustainable communities and businesses."

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Oregon Economic Development Districts Have Statewide Impact
Oregon's 12 Economic Development Districts cover the State's 36 counties, 297 municipalities (which include cities, towns and tribes) and 3.7 million residents. This statewide network of Economic Development Districts is part of a broader national network of 380 economic development districts designated and funded by the US Economic Development Administration.

Oregon Economic Development Districts Invest in Communities
From financial investments to new and expanding businesses, to laying the groundwork for energy efficient homes and businesses, to assuring local governments are at the statewide transportation planning table, to recruiting businesses to the state and increasing job and income opportunities for our citizens, to bridging the digital divide, to helping 0ur communities mitigate or recover from disasters, to bringing new life to a business on the brink of failure...we are able to mobilize our resources, roll up our sleeves and perform the hard work needed to help keep Oregon sustainable and competitive.

Oregon Economic Development Districts Partner with the Economic Development Administration
Investments from the United States Economic Development Administration to our districts' regions totalled approximately $77 million between FY2000-16 for job creation and retention initiatives. With support from the US Economic Development Administration and public and private partners, the impact Economic Development Districts have throughout Oregon is tremendous.

Oregon Economic Development Districts Support Small Businesses
Through various loan funds, we have made more than 870 loans that have helped create or retain over 5,600 jobs since 2003. These loans exceed $308 million and have leveraged an additional $281 million in private sector investments.

Oregon Economic Development Districts Manage Resources Efficiently and Are Available to Assist
Contact us to learn how our Association of Districts can help you.


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