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Oregon EDD's Impact Report - this report showcases the work of the 12 Economic Development Districts in Oregon, and how they partner with, or provide services to, the state's 36 counties, local and tribal governments to ensure that the many needs of Oregon's residents, businesses and local governments are met. View Report (.pdf)

Oregon EDD's Contact Brochure- A quick reference of Oregon's Economic Development Districts contact information.View Brochure (.pdf)

Oregon EDD's 2015 Revolving Loan Fund Overview - Oregon's Economic Development Districts manage and deliver an abundance of federal and state programs, including revolving loan fund programs. Of the many areas in which the Districts support their regions is in the operation of Revolving Loan Funds. Some perform this function with their own program staff and others engage partner entities."Oregon EDD's 2015 Revolving Loan Fund Overview" provides basic program information about programs operated in each District. View Report (.pdf)



Oregon's Economic Development Districts make efficient use of limited staffing resources to increase the capacity of local governments in our regions to successfully pursue and manage many federal and state programs.

We have the capacity to provide coordination in many areas, including:

               •  Project Development
               •  Scoping for Projects
               •  Grant Writing - Government and Foundation
               •  Project Management
               •  Public Procurement Processes
               •  Federal Regulation Compliance Monitoring
               •  Credit Analysis
               •  Business Consulting and Lending
               •  Strategic Planning

We provide valuable assistance, such as packaging proposals and applications, acting as liaisons with funding entities and ensuring grantee compliance with federal and state rules after funds are awarded. We also act as a liaison for investments from the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) for job creation and retention. Through various loan funds managed by EDDs and capitalized by EDA, the U.S. Small Business Administration and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, we have loaned millions to new and existing businesses - helping to create and retain jobs and leverage private sector investments.

Oregon Economic Development Districts - Are Available to Assist:
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